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Gong baths and gong bath therapy is not a new alternative healing modality. On the contrary, the Gong has been used longer than any other instrument for holisitc Sound healing. The technology in creating and tuning the gongs to specific frequencies is the only thing that has improved greatly over time. Mark Swan uses a total of 17 Paiste Planet Gongs, a full set, in his purpose built studio. Each client has the space and opportunity to receive the best Sound therapy available anywhere in the World today.      

European yoga festival

Release The Light Within You

It was said by the Ancients that if you were Gonged for ten days you would be cured of anything.  The current opinion of the scientific community is that the use of sound is becoming an ever more valuable tool in the treatment of many conditions, ailments and diseases. As an alternative medicine healing modality it is being used successfully all over the World. Gong baths are having astounding and wonderous effects on a whole range of maladies.

Gong baths principally bring about the transition of cellular re-alignment through the medium of sound.  Whether a physical, mental or spiritual problem the pure penetrating sound waves of the healing gong will enable you to break free of old patterns and re-generate and re-balance yourself. Working within all the parameters of the body there is nowhere that the resonance of the healing gong cannot penetrate. It will bypass the mind and go straight to the root of the problem.

group photo in Paris


Workshop, Paris October 2013

Playing at the Scoop Arena, Tower Bridge, London June 2013


Playing at the Scoop Arena, Tower Bridge, London June 2013

Time Out new article


Time Out Magazine 2013

Playing at the Scoop Arena, Tower Bridge, London June 2013


Playing at Five Acres School in Kent with children with profound, severe and complex learning difficulties. Nov 2013.


Belgium gong training 2014

Now booking for 2015;

New! A 6 week course of sound therapy. If you'd like to move through some deep seated issues and take yourself to a new level of consciousness then this is for you!

Six sessions usual price: £330- booked as a course £270- Free consultation included.

To know more email me at; appointments@gong-healing.com

Two new Gong CD's

'Gong meditations for addiction' and 'Mars and Venus' (see shop)

Level 1 Gong practitioners course 

New date; TBC

The Level 1 gong practitioners course is a certificated workshop designed to take the complete beginner and intermediate player to a place of skill and competence. No musical experience is required. This course is primarily created for those wishing to work in a ritual healing environment such as a Yoga class or a shamanic sound healing space. Syllabus includes, mallet grip, correct breathing, posture and the creation of a sacred soundscape. Limited places. Fee; £95-

Please contact me at; appointments@gong-healing.com for further details.

Gong Practitioners Course- Level 2,

date Sunday 8th Feb 2015


The advanced training level for those who have passed Level 1. Move your skill up a notch, broaden your playing and fly! Everything you will need to know in order to run your own Gong baths, with advanced playing techniques. Please contact me for more details. Fee; £95-  appointments@gong-healing.com



Custom made Oak Gong Stands

oak gong stand

These hand made Oak Gong Stands are adjustable and suitable for 24"-40" Gongs. I use mine everyday and travel with it. It folds and dismantles for easy transportation.  No creaks, no fiddly wing nuts, just beautiful elegant design. For more details email me at;




To Arrange An Appointment Contact Mark Swan - Tel : 01732 823 811 - E-Mail : appointments@gong-healing.com